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Sometimes it's not easy quoting an embroidery project until the item has been digitized. We can give you a pretty good idea but embroidery quotes are typically generated by counting the number of stitches in a design, which can easily run from 3,000 stitches all the way up to 50 - 60 thousand stitches in a single design!




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Digitizing? But I already have a jpeg of my logo?!

A jpeg is a great place to start. A vector (illustrator or corel) file is better or a high res photoshop file of your logo, but we can't use that to sew your hats.

Embroidery Digitizing is the process of taking any form of art work and transforming it into a language that the sewing machine will understand and stitch it out. Embroidery Digitizing is a complex process which uses running, satin, fill and other stitches to create an embroidery design.


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